Weekly Lottery Rules

  1. The cost of each entry is £1. Players may purchase more than one entry, and payment must be in advance.
  2. Not to be sold by or to anyone under 18 years of age. Any person found to be under 18 years of age automatically forfeits the right to any prize.
  3. Lottery number(s) will be confirmed by post within 14 days.
    No ticket will be supplied.
  4. The weekly draw will be conducted every Friday. The draw will be conducted by a random number generator.
  5. The winning numbers will be published on a winners page on this website and will be available from the Weekly Lottery helpline, 0345 092 0838 from the following Monday.
  6. All profits from the Weekly Lottery go to Breast Cancer Care.
  7. Prizes for the Weekly Lottery are published on a winners page on this website. The charity may make changes to the prizes from time to time. There are no alternatives to any prize, and no interest will be payable. Winners will be notified in writing and prizes will be sent within 14 days; if paying by Direct Debit, prizes will be transfered into that bank account; otherwise, we'll post a cheque.
  8. All lottery players are automatically entered into our Super Draw, for the chance to win a jackpot prize of £10,000.
  9. Breast Cancer Care is not responsible for any delays in bank payments.
  10. No liability is accepted for loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication sent by post. If a prize cheque fails to arrive, we will replace it when notified and cancel the original.
  11. Breast Cancer Care reserves the right to use the winner’s name for promotional purposes. These will only be in summary, for example Mrs Smith from Berkshire or Mrs Hamilton from Edinburgh.
  12. Breast Cancer Care or its External Lottery Manager may (without giving any reason or notice) decline to accept an application, cancel an existing subscription or terminate or suspend the lottery scheme. Breast Cancer Care or its External Lottery Manager’s decisions made pursuant to the rules shall, once made, be final and binding.
  13. The rules are subject to change by Breast Cancer Care or its External Lottery Manager.

Breast Cancer Care’s Weekly Lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005. gamblingcommission.gov.uk. Contact: Catherine McCrohan, Breast Cancer Care. Registered office: Kennington Business Park, Chester House, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE. Weekly Lottery helpline: 0345 092 0838. Registered Society: Breast Cancer Care.

Please gamble responsibly – free problem gambling support is available through the National Gambling Helpine at 0808 8020 133 or via their
website at gambleaware.co.uk 

Breast Cancer Care Weekly Lottery Policies

Law and disorder policy

  • Breast Cancer Care will only conduct its lotteries with a registered External Lottery Manager (as defined on the Lotteries Council website)
  • Our External Lottery Manager keeps a record of all chances that have been allocated and chances that have been purchased.
  • Our External Lottery Manager is able to provide information for any police checks of a Lottery Canvasser that may be carried out. They are able to provide address details and details of any monies sent in for chances received.
  • Our External Lottery Manager operates from secure premises, with fire safes in situ, and contractors such as G4.
  • Our External Lottery Manager processes all entries and handles all monies received for a lottery, and banking reports are issued by our External Lottery Manager to Breast Cancer Care on a weekly basis.

Fair and open draws policy

  • All draws are conducted at the External Lottery Manager’s premises in plain sight of staff.
  • Draws are conducted at random using a random number generator.
  • Winners results are published on our website and information is also included in letters sent out to players.
  • A winners list is also available on request.
  • Rules are published on websites and on entry forms.
  • Printed versions of rules are available on request.
  • We have a complaints procedure in place (see below).

Responsible gambling/ problem gambling procedure

Breast Cancer Care has put in place the following procedures to encourage people to gamble responsibly and seek help should gambling become a problem:

  • The GambleAware helpline number and website address is included on all tickets and entry forms to lotteries as well as our website address that includes information on gambling.
  • Information is displayed on our website encouraging people to gamble responsibly and recognise the signs of problem gambling. We also include GamCare’s helpline and website details for people to refer to should they need further help.
  • Players can request a self exclusion from our database for further addressed lottery mailings.
  • To stop receiving unaddressed mail, delivered by the postman, people may visit the Royal Mail website for further information.
  • Players can request the number of entries they would like in each draw.
  • There is a restriction in place on the number of lottery numbers that can be allocated to an individual. The maximum is 10 per person per week.

Protection of children and the vulnerable

  • We have taken steps to ensure that our Weekly Lottery does not attract young people. We have the following procedures in place to prevent under-age players from participating in any lotteries promoted by Breast Cancer Care:
  • On all cold data used by our External Lottery Manager, it is requested that all persons under 16 years of age are excluded from the lists before being supplied for the use of our lotteries. 
  • Where possible we check our database to ensure persons are above the legal age limit before data is supplied for the use of a lottery.
  • The minimum age for play is detailed on our website and on the back of all tickets and entry forms produced.
  • Any player who provides dishonest information regarding their age automatically forfeits the right to any prize. This fact is also stated on the reverse of all tickets and on all entry forms.
  • Any player who is found to be under 18 years of age will have any monies paid in relation to the lottery returned to them. 
  • In the event that a request to cease mailing lottery packs is received from a vulnerable person’s carer, we remove their details from our mailing database immediately. If the person has been sent a lottery pack as a result of their details being supplied to us through a cold list, we will advise the carer of how to have that person’s details removed from the list owner’s mailing records too.
  • To read more on our age policies specifically for unaddressed mail (door drop) please visit our Policies for unaddressed mail page.

Weekly Lottery player queries and complaints procedure

Telephone complaints:

  • Initial complaints and queries are dealt with over the telephone by the advisers in the telephone room of our External Lottery Manager (the company that manages the lottery on Breast Cancer Care’s behalf).
  • A telephone log sheet is completed at the time of the call, detailing the caller’s contact details, details of the telephone adviser who took the call, the nature of the complaint and how the complaint was resolved.
  • The telephone log sheets will be kept on file for 3 years by our External Lottery Manager.
  • If an initial complaint can’t be resolved, the complaint is logged by our External Lottery Manager and we are notified immediately of the issue at which point it is taken internally to resolve in accordance with our feedback policy and procedures which you may read here.
  • All general queries will be logged on the log sheets by the External Lottery Manager and held for future reference.

Written complaints:

  • Initial complaints and queries will be responded to in two working days from receipt of complaint by the administration team of our
    External Lottery Manager.
  • All complaints are logged on our complaints log sheet, detailing the individual’s contact details, details of the administrator who has dealt with the complaint, the nature of the complaint and what steps were taken to resolve the complaint.
  • The complaints log sheets and written complaints will be kept on file at our External Lottery Manager for 3 years.
  • If the initial complaint can’t be resolved by our External Lottery Manager, the complaint is logged and forwarded immediately to Breast Cancer Care staff to be resolved internally in accordance with our feedback
    policy and procedures
  • All general queries will be logged on the log sheets by the External Lottery Manager and held for future reference.
  • If we are unable to bring about a satisfactory resolution, the complaint will be referred to IBAS (the Independent Betting Advisory Service)
    for arbitration.
  • Breast Cancer Care will review all feedback and complaints at various points to address them, where possible, for future draws